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This soft skill development platform will show you how to foster the skills that can differ between a flat career tops out at central administration versus one that grounds you in the leader suite or any place you characterize professional achievement. Such countless soft skills seem like common sense from the start, yet most workers rarely apply them. O-Cademy’s soft skills training course will give you an edge over your rivals. It will likewise make your job, your profession and your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

What are you hanging tight for? O-Cademy’s soft skill development platform is intended to…

In this article, we will be learning about a technology that has never seen before, which is called ONPASSIVE. ONPASSIVE AI tools are revolutionary in nature and can help you learn more about your business and can take it to the next level.

So, before you make any serious investment decisions you must decide for yourself whether it’s the best business solution for your marketing solutions. It is hailed by entrepreneurs online alike as the road which leads to next-generation technology and its launching really soon.

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ONPASSIVE Business Strategies

ONPASSIVE is a unicorn Information Technology (IT) organization that provides automated business solutions for many businesses. ONPASSIVE provides an AI-based marketing platform for many organizations and primarily aims to develop sophisticated technologies and offer practical business solutions.

Besides developing AI-based tools, ONPASSIVE also specializes in offering digital marketing solutions such as staff manager, live events, mass bulk emailing, legal and compliance, and various other professions. AI is gradually integrating with technology and is useful in multiple contexts in day-to-day life. ONPASSIVE significantly utilizes AI and supports various businesses in their growth by providing AI-based tools for their organizations.

Business Growth…


~ Along with unveiling its first new product the brand also relaunched the company website for easy and smooth experience

National, 16th February 2021: ONPASSIVE, the global provider of predictive, intelligent business automation services, today launched its first product O-Cademy under the education segment as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The platform empowers students and tutors alike to have a unified access to a world of resources, thus making it a one stop solution for all online education related services. The company also relaunched its website with upgraded features, easy navigation and user-friendly options to facilitate its growing business ecosystem.


Most of us are hearing the name “ONPASSIVE” repeatedly these days. Everyone doubts whether the company is real or a scam. The answer is “NO”. ONPASSIVE is a legal company established to offer AI technology-based tools for many industries. Company is going legally and pays their employees correctly.

Artificial Intelligence, AI applications has expanded exponentially. Every industry started emerging AI into their business, starting from finance to sports. All companies focus more on structured data to understand consumer patterns and operate their business with the best business automation tools.

Many technologies are being invented these days, and many new updates…



ONPASSIVE is a unicorn AI tech company that creates business solutions with the use of sophisticated technologies. The organization focuses on implementing Artificial Technology (AI) in businesses and make AI scalable to different firms. The AI-equipped automated tools offered by ONPASSIVE support businesses in several verticals, from domain registration to digital marketing. These tools help in making a business 100% hands-free.

ONPASSIVE works with a vision of supporting various firms and provide automated business solutions. The small and medium-sized companies are the ones that are most benefited ONPASSIVE, where they are empowered with modern technology to face…

Business with ONPASSIVE

Any small business or enterprise needs to grow in order to reach its full potential. To turn a small business into big one, you need to set goals, diversify and expand.

As your business gets bigger, you should develop strategies to foster and continue that growth.

Eventually you can even merge with other companies or businesses to become successful.

Growing your business needs a lot of planning and expertise. You need to expand your business activities and build a large number of business networks to make sure that your business is in the right direction.

The importance of networking in…

Brand Development

Brand Development is foundation of any organization or a company. Brand development is a strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company’s products and services from your competitors. It is an ongoing process of serving customers and maintaining customers trust towards your brand.

Brand Development Process

Brand development process is divided into three phases

- Creating Brand Identity

- Getting your brand development strategy

-Finally strengthening Brand management

Brand Development Strategy

Brand development strategies: Include aligning your brand with your business objectives, communicating your brand with your target market and updating and strengthening your brand as necessary. …


In the most recent years, the applications of Artificial Intelligence have expanded exponentially. All organizations starting from finance to sports, are embracing AI these days. Presently, businesses focus on structured information for learning consumer patterns and take future business choices with business automation tools.

It doesn’t make a difference in how many technologies are invented in this era, and there are always new progressions coming to light. Simultaneously, most people neglect to understand how it can support their revenue if they accurately use technology.

It is the place where ONPASSIVE — AI and ML Technology organization comes into the scenario.

What is business knowledge?

Owning and operating your own business involves so much more than simply selling your products or services. In addition to working on your company in a certain way, you need to constantly work on developments. This exists almost in every stage of business cycle and is a fundamental process during the growth phase.

Knowledge in your business isn’t necessarily about thinking about creating new products or services or new ways of selling them. Its much straight forward. Useful knowledge that already exists in your business can be found in

- Experience of employees

-Designs and processes…


ONPASSIVE technologies will be offering a complete digital marketing system using the latest Artificial Intelligence software available anywhere.

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